Aurora Health Products International helps bring balance back to your life through natural supplements:

• Natural and Organic Juices
• Essential Vitamins
• Natural food supplements
We also provide wheat, flour and other items in bulk lots for extra savings. Get the essentials for a healthy mind and body!
Manufacturers & Suppliers
We work with Australias best known manufacturers and that is why we offer the best price on our products along with "top quality" guarantee. Some of Our suppliers include:

• "Sanitarium" (Weet-Bix, Soy milk)
• "Mountain fresh" (Juices)
• "Blackmores" (Vitamins)
If you fave any questions or queries, don't hesitate to contact us; we will be glad to help you.
Natural and Organic Juices

• Apple & Mango
• Tropical Fruit
• Apple & Guava

Wheat & Oats

Both Wheat and Oats provide natural fiber, protein and goodness for the body. Buy them in bulk and save money.

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